LUUV foam creams - a gentle caress for your body

LUUV foam creams - a gentle caress for your body

Cooler weather is not far away and body cream will soon become a much-needed addition to many beauty treatments. The airy body creams with a foamy texture from LUUV are already popular, but what's the difference between them and how do you choose the best one for your skin? ... we'll write more about that in a moment.

Airy, light texture and rich hydration - these are the key words that characterize the foam creams from LUUV.

One of LUUV's best-selling and most popular body creams is a vitamin bomb with a brilliant bright orange colour and a cheerful bouquet of citrus scent - Buckberry Carrot Body Cream with Mango Butter. Rich in vitamins and with a pleasant scent, this body cream will give your skin a beautiful glowing complexion and long-lasting hydration.

Sea buckthorn oil hidden in the cream contains vitamins A and E, which are good antioxidants - an important part of the skin renewal process. Carrot oil, on the other hand, adds shine and restores vitality to the skin, plus carrot oil contains vitamin A and betacarotene, which give the skin a beautiful glowing appearance. Thanks to mango butter, the skin stays silky soft - mango butter contains a lot of fatty acids and also antioxidants which help to preserve skin youth, tighten the skin and improve skin tone.

Sea Buckthorn Carrot Body Cream hydrates, restores and protects - balances dry and oily skin, does not clog pores, making the cream suitable for all skin types. With prolonged use, skin is softer and firmer, signs of ageing are reduced and the skin's natural elasticity is restored. It protects the skin from pollution and harmful UV rays. The light citrus fragrance awakens all the senses and delights every time.

It protects the skin from pollution, harsh climate and harmful UV rays.

However, if you have dry and irritated skin, we recommend trying the deeply moisturizing and soothing plum body cream with coconut oil. With a juicy plum aroma and a beautiful light purple hue, the foaming cream contains plum kernel oil, cranberry extract and coconut oil to balance the skin's moisture and protect the skin from external influences. Cold-pressed plum kernel oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E. Cranberry extract is an anti-aging antioxidant that improves skin elasticity. In addition, the cream contains an abundance of omega fatty acids that deeply replenish and moisturize the skin.

Moisturizing body cream with plum oil adds shine and softness to the skin and soothes irritated skin. It is quickly absorbed, does not clog pores and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

All LUUV body creams with foam texture are VEGAN and do not irritate the skin. They are quickly absorbed and do not leave the skin sticky or greasy.
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