What are the causes and treatment of carpal tunnel?

What are the causes and treatment of carpal tunnel?

With the increasing general development, new diseases are also being introduced into our world that were once unheard of. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a gradually spreading disease that affects mostly people working with computers. Generally, the people most at risk of carpal tunnel are those who strain their wrists. This is why carpal tunnel syndrome is also referred to as an occupational disease.


A common symptom of carpal tunnel is burning of the hands and thumbs, tingling or itching. At night, the fingers tend to go completely numb. The numbness in your hands is related to the relaxation of your limbs during sleep. In the morning, you may wake up to an unpleasant surprise in the form of ongoing numbness accompanied by tingling in your hands. It is common for the tingling caused by carpal tunnel to extend all the way to the shoulders.

In severe cases, when carpal tunnel syndrome is already becoming severe, a problem with the fit sets in. The muscles in the hand constantly contract, making movement worse. In addition, the accompanying pain and muscle spasms increase due to the increasing dominance of the carpal tunnel. Swelling of the wrist and hand is not uncommon. Carpal tunnel subsequently manifests itself through:

  • loss of sensitivity in the fingers,
  • loss of coordinated movements,
  • loss of overall strength.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve. This nerve runs from the shoulder, arm and wrist to the carpal tunnel and ends at the hand.

The result of carpal tunnel is often swelling, on which Salikort balm has an extremely positive effect. Many patients who are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome do not know the real reason for the flare-up. You can incite carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • repetitive movements such as typing or any activity where the wrist is strained (the development of carpal tunnel syndrome is encouraged by a position where the hands are lower than the wrist),
  • obesity, rheumatoid arthritis,
  • diabetes,
  • untreated accidents and injuries,
  • pregnancy, which also contributes to the formation of carpal tunnel.


Have you noticed symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome on yourself? Be sure to consult and work with a doctor who really understands carpal tunnel syndrome. At the same time, it's time to put measures in place, otherwise you risk permanent damage. At some stage, even carpal tunnel becomes incurable.

The key to success consists of a set of measures that you definitely need to try in the fight against carpal tunnel. Equally important is the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. We clearly recommend natural balms as well. The right choice is the effective Salikort balm against carpal tunnel containing white willow bark, eucalyptus, mint and aloe vera, which will cool the inflammation pleasantly.

Neglecting care, exercise and prevention in carpal tunnel syndrome is not an option. You can bring yourself poor mobility of the fingers and wrists in this way.

The final stage is to undergo surgery. The procedure is not difficult. The surgeon's role is to cut the wrist ligament during the procedure. In this way, the syndrome should subside

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