Swelling of the feet in summer: Why do they get worse?

Swelling of the feet in summer: Why do they get worse?

Summer is the time of year when we enjoy the sun, beaches and holidays, but for some of us it can also be an unpleasant time as swollen feet can occur. Whether you are aware of it or not, your feet can be more prone to swelling in the summer. In this section, we will try to understand why swelling gets worse in the summer time.

Warmer weather has different effects on our bodies. One of them ischanging the functioning of the vascular system. When the temperature rises, blood vessels dilate to help carry heat away from the body and cool it down. This process is called vasodilation and can lead to a reduction in blood pressure in the veins and capillaries.

What causes leg swelling?

When blood pressure drops, the body responds by retaining more fluid in an effort to maintain optimal blood pressure. This can lead to increased fluid retention in the lower body - especially in the legs and feet - causing swelling.

In addition to the effect of temperature on the vascular system, increased physical activity can also be a cause of leg swelling. The summer months often attract people to outdoor activities such as walking, running or cycling. These activities increase blood circulation to the legs and can also cause swelling, especially in people with a pre-existing problem with swelling or poor circulation.

In addition, some people suffer from chronic diseases that cause swelling of the legs. One such disease is lymphedema, a condition characterized by the body's reduced ability to remove excess fluid from tissues using the lymphatic system. Lymphedema can be the result of genetic factors or arise as a result of other diseases such as cancer or infection. In people with lymphoedema, leg swelling may get worse in the summer because of the heat and increased physical activity.

Imagine a metaphor: Your feet are like a sponge soaked in water. During the colder months, the "sponge" is compressed and the water is removed quite successfully. But once summer arrives, the "sponge" loosens and begins to fill with water, causing swelling.

Now that we've explained why leg swelling worsens in summer, we can look for ways to effectively prevent it.

How to prevent them effectively?

The important thing is to find out the cause of leg swelling. Whether it is sedentary work, long standing, a problem with the vascular or lymphatic system, try to relieve your feet yourself. Find a time during the day when you unload your feet, do some exercises suitable for blood circulation and don't forget to get plenty of fluids!

There are also natural balms to help protect your feet from swelling and keep them healthy all summer long, which are a suitable alternative to chemical supplements.

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