6 herbal extracts for back pain

6 herbal extracts for back pain

Pharmaceuticals are not the only way to treat back pain. Relief is also provided by natural substances that do not burden the body, as natural herbal medicine gives us.

Traditional, time-tested medicine treats a variety of problems, including back pain as one of the most commonly occurring types of pain. Herbs hold great potential. They mostly have no harmful side effects and allergic reactions are rare when taken or applied.

In case you are suffering from back pain, focus on these world-famous natural substances when choosing the right remedy to eliminate it:

Capsaicin, a component of chili peppers, is an excellent back pain reliever. It has antioxidant and analgesic properties. It has a beneficial effect on neuropathic pain, that is, on tingling, stabbing, stiffness in the back or limbs. It also helps to vascularize non-contractile areas. Commonly available are back patches or creams, ointments or balms for back pain.

Aloe vera - a plant that is an absolute classic in natural healing. It relieves back pain and additionally helps with various other health problems. We consume it either in the form of a drink or juice. We can apply the untreated fresh plant directly and rub it on the painful areas. Aloe vera is often an ingredient in various ointments, creams, balms. You can't go wrong with a massage. In any case, aloe vera is not intended for direct consumption.

A not well-known alternative for back pain is boswellia, known as Indian frankincense, or just incense. In our latitudes it was used mainly in religious ceremonies. However, its healing effects have been known to other peoples since ancient times. Boswellia counteracts inflammation, reduces pain and relieves stiffness in muscles and joints. Boswellic acids have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Eucalyptus has an incredibly wide range of uses. It also helps with back pain. It contains the substance tannin, which relieves inflammation and swelling. Eucalyptus can also be used to naturally treat colds or flu. Place fresh eucalyptus on the site of back pain, the pain should slowly subside and the muscles relax.

Turmeric is an extremely popular source of natural healing. You will get the most out of it if you consume it. Applying it to the affected areas has significantly weaker effects. The powder obtained from turmeric root relieves back and joint pain in the manifestations of arthritis. The active ingredient that makes it counteract back pain is curcumin. The latter has anti-inflammatory properties.

A means of natural treatment readily available in Central Europe is the bark of the white willow. Its analgesic effects have been known since ancient times. As a standard, it is also used by those suffering from back pain. Effective relief can be obtained by regularly drinking tea or taking tablets.

Devil's claw or devil's claw is an herb native to southern Africa. According to recent scientific studies, it may be effective in the treatment of arthritis and associated back pain. However, please note that its use is not recommended for pregnant women, women with gallstone problems or those suffering from stomach and intestinal ulcers.

There are many creams, patches, or teas that contain these herbs and help with back pain. There are many other herbs providing relief. It is up to you what product you reach for and how you deal with your back pain.

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